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 [NEWS]2pm interview for KBS Entertainment tonight

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PostSubyek: [NEWS]2pm interview for KBS Entertainment tonight   Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:48 pm

Quote :
Wooyoung's scene
MC - "What is the concept of today's photoshoot."
Wooyoung – "Sporty concept. I'm wearing referee outfit" (Wooyoung then imitates a football referee by taking out red card and saying "don't do that")

Nichkhun's scene
MC – "Can you show us your super cool posture?"
Nichkhun - (....)
MC – "How about your handsome posture?"
Nichkhun - (....)

Group's scene
Junsu is trying to introduce but Junho interrupts.
Junsu (2nd attempt) - "Hello all viewers", (others are all speechless.)

MC to Hyorim- "Which 2PM members are best suit with you in this shooting."
Hyorim – "Because of their heights, Taecyeon and Chansung make me look younger..." (Taec 185 cm/Chan 184 cm)
(All laughs but Taec and Chan)
Caption Chansun: [I was born in 1990 TT_TT]

As Taec and Wooyoung are MCs of music program, so is Hyorim who is MC of KBS Music Bank, the three MCs have been asked to do co-hosting together. Wooyoung then introduces 2PM (all boys make weird poses).
Hyorim announces top three ranking artists "The 3rd is 2AM, the 2nd is Park Jin young and the first place is 2PM "

After some behind the scene of photoshooting, the MC asks Hyorim to choose her favorite out of 2PM boys. The game is called Hyorim's World Cup of Ideal Guy.
Group A: Wooyoung, Junsu and Nichkhun/ Hyorim chooses Nichkhun.
Group B: Chansung, Taecyeon and Junho/ Hyorim chooses Junho (Junho can't believe the result)

The two finalists have to do their charming contest.
Junho (imitating Korean top designer, Andre Kim) - "What is your name?"
Nichkhun - "It's Nichkhun"
Junho - "Aa~ii hyung?"
Caption - [This situation was really happened when designer Andre Kim couldn't catch Nichkhun name.]
Nichkhun's turn - Making his famous wink with the help of Taecyeon.
Everyone - screaming

The result:
Hyorim (choosing Junho) - "I used to like Nichkhun a lot but since he becomes so famous so I...(pick Junho)"
Junho: -*- /Others: laugh

Junho - "Dear all viewers, it's a new year. we wish everything go well with the power of the tiger." (2010: Year of Tiger)
Hyorim - "in this year of 2010, please Fighting"
Nichkhun - "Sawasdee Pee Mai Krub" (Thai words for Happy New Year)
Junsu and all - "Everybody, Happy New Year!"

credit: 2pm-online

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Hohohoho .
Keren yah, wkakak .
Nickhun nya pasti ganteng bgt

gomawo info nya .


THEY totally in my MIND
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PostSubyek: Re: [NEWS]2pm interview for KBS Entertainment tonight   Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:21 pm


ada ada ajaa...

gomawo yaahh~
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PostSubyek: Re: [NEWS]2pm interview for KBS Entertainment tonight   

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[NEWS]2pm interview for KBS Entertainment tonight
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